Barony of Craiggour

Doralon’s Breadbasket – produces grains (spelt, barley, rye), milling, flax and linen.

The Barony is divided into three holdings, ruled by thanes, who each in turn divide by landings held by lords. The two rivers in the regions, Arafeon in the east and Danheddog in the west, mark the traditional boundaries of these holdings. The river Haffrwd marks the western boundary between Gallalion and Craiggour (though further north, the border is only loosely recognized); Haffrwd is well-known as swift-flowing and treacherous to cross in the summer, as it swells from icy northern melt.

The holds

Barley holds

Westernmost hold, which grows a good deal of barley. Defined on the eastern edge by the river Danheddog and the western edge vaguely by Haffrwd. Complicated agreements exist between the Thane of Barley and Herdmasters in Gallalion on river crossings and grazing.

Spelt holds

The easternmost hold, and grows a good deal of spelt, vaguely defined at the west by Arafeon. The eastern and northern edge are lightly fortified, as they were until recently, the last barony before the Warder’s Way. Notable here is the northeastern town of Anial – the Lord of Anial is often thought of as the fourth Thane of Craiggour, sometimes bypassing the Thane of Spelt in their duties to the baron.

Rye holds

Middle hold, with the Thane of Rye often living in the shadow of the Baron of Craiggour. This region produces rye in the southern areas, where the more salt-tolerant rye can flourish, and flax along the northern corridor between Danheddog and Arafeon.

Notable towns

Porth Craiggour

Small Town of Craiggour: Government seat, large port town


Small Town of Anial: The town of Anial prospers as a central point of trade between Veir, Gallalion, Whitepine, and Cadair. Since the recognition and formation of Veir (formally Norhalt), Anial has decreased number of ready soldiers to a small company suitable to deter bandit activity. Veir has had the twin effect of removing their demand and obligation to the Warders, but also usurping their role as primary trade partner with Belmek.

Barony of Craiggour

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