People of Veir

The folk sworn to the barony of Veir or its barons, either directly or indirectly

Former Veirfolk

Bryce Morvant: The former Baron of Norhalt, former Lord of Norhall. Bryce led an attempted assassination and coup of King Irminric Cuthred on 4th Kocap, 30th in Cuthred. The coup failed, in part thanks to the intervention of four Newfolk who appeared in the throne room to the defense of the King. Bryce was stripped of all titles and properties, his barony dissolved, and he was executed by beheading at the hand of King Irminric. The barony was reformed as Veir.

  • Diderius: an older human in his late 30’s with a touch of grey at the temples and a full, dark beard. He seems to have a long and colorful past, and is quite sincere in his desire to serve Veir as a Forester. He presented himself in leathers and attire that had definitely seen service. He was dismissed from Veir at his own insistance, giving the reason that the past stain on his honor would harm Veir the Barons in the future.

In the barony

In Cadair

Holgar Holby, Chamberlain of Manor Veir: Chamberlain, butler, pantrier, steward, courier (and several other roles) of the Manor Veir in Cadair. As the local representative of the barony, he wields some influence. He is perhaps late twenties, and seems capable if a bit jumpy and scattered. He is unmarried, but there are some indications that he may be pursuing a lady.

Alyce, cook of Manor Veir: Recently hired cook. Seems a bit “off”, but Holby found her to have several acceptable recommendations. She seems to have the skills to accommodate a large household, including meal planning, and has been observed using ritual magic in the kitchen. Apparently unused to Barons wandering through the kitchen.

Madeline, housemaid of Manor Veir: recently hired housemaid. She seems a bit jumpy around Godrik.

2 houseboys: one of which Holby is considering to fill the position of groundskeeper

Recently sworn vassals

These folk have yet to be assigned by decree, but have been accepted as vassals and subjects of Veir (or are some other way associated – assume subjects unless otherwise noted).

  • Loogie: A hobfae with a large appetite, a round shape, and misshapen features. Freed from an exotic pleasure house by one of the Baronesses, he now accompanies until he feels the debt is repaid.
  • Vincent Davis: A farm lad of 18 looking to work a farm in Veir, with the hope marry and earn his own plot allotment.
  • Mettius Ulixes: Former Scarlet Cloak, retired due to age (which he give as 43). Retirement in Cadairhen is not setting well with him, and it was suggested by the Lord High Loremaster, Tycho, that he apply himself to service in Veir. A older, grizzled human with a face full of scars and lines.
  • Craig Fishersom: A young lad of perhaps 16, son of a fisher and dockworker. He wants to take control of his life! Doing … something. He has a slight build and the suggestion of elven features (he claims to be fully human).
  • Dendris: a bulky man in his mid-twenties with calloused hands. Seems thick, but not stupid. Works at the docks, but now “needs to see someplace new”. Brutish human, admits to “a bit ’o orc in me blood”; it looks like a fair bit.
  • Jiaf Acksul: youngest of four children to the Trade Lord Ranimy Acksul (he gave his age of five-and-twenty). He is here with his father’s blessing (or at least, no dissent). He is quarter-goblin, and open about his heritage. He has an apparent knowledge of his trade, is driven by ambition to excel on his own. He noted that he wished to work in that regard within the barony.
  • Sherric Kolkell: A young human hedgewizard of 20 or so, a journeyman beginning his trade. He wants to serve in Veir, and help those who hold the North. He seems studious, excitable and intense in his desire. Perceptive enough to notice when he was being charmed and was bold enough to call the baroness who charmed him out on it (in a courteous manner); he seemed hurt that he had been charmed.
  • Ragna Quarron: a tall human lass of about 17 with reddish hair, freckles, and stubborn independent temperament. New talented journeyman seamstress who quit her Mistress without permission (though Veir left recompense for her leave-taking) to swear to Veir, slipping off in the night to join them right before they left.
  • Ferinn Denmor: [human male, early 20’s] A man with an aire of sadness tinged with the frantic and seems slightly disheveled presents himself as Ferinn at Cadairhen, once of the realm of Tethyr of Toril. He has been in Doralon for more than a year now but not yet two – he lost count of time for a while on finding himself here. Ferinn was and still is the devout faithful to Helm, The Vigilant One. He sees it as his duty to be in the North, to help as he can to keep watch over the threat there, and to spread the doctrine of Helm where it is needed most. He admits that Whitepine would not accept his fealty, and declares that he will gladly undertake any duty no matter how dangerous, demeaning, or mundane if it allows him time to minister.
  • Finley Bryant, his wife and two children: [human male, mid-twenties, human female close to early twenties, female child age 6-7, male child age 4-5] Simply attired in clothing well-patched, this thin spare man begs you accept him and his family as vassals. He is a serf under Thane Spiro Dimakakos of Cadair, and claims that through some offense given he has been relegated to work the poorest lands in the Thanehold for the past three years. No near Thane of Cadair will risk upset to their neighbor, and if he goes to the Lord Steward, Dimakakos’ ire will be increased tenfold. He reiterated his plea on his knees to accept him and his family.
  • Adelard Slowletters Gammidge Shoemaker and his wife, Jillian Manytalker Gammidge: [halfling male and female, maybe twenty?] A pair of fairly but commonly dressed hobfolk with very nice shoes presents themselves with a flourish before Holby can finish announcing all their names, taking over from where Holby was. Adelard presents his wife and himself as cobblers with a look that says he is waiting for the “halfling shoemaker” jokes. He requests to swear fealty or be taken to provide service in Veir in his trade. His reason given for leaving Cadairhen is that many cobblers have formed a guild and are driving trade from those who do not join.
  • Connor Tinew: [humanish male, mid-thirties] This short stout bearded man is nicely dressed (middle-class), and enters with a younger lad behind him pulling a handcart with a small keg. He presents himself as Connor, master brewer, and son. He wishes to pledge fealty to Veir and hopes to further petition the Barons, their Thanes, or their under-lords to accept him as their brewer. He brought a sample of his work; if the barons wish he taps it there and draws a sweet light berry brew reminiscent in color and flavour to mead. He gives his reason for leaving Cadairhen as a “recent personal tragedy” and will say no more – the son seems sad. If asked, he says he can be ready to leave on the morning. His speech and features make you wonder if he isn’t part-dwarven (he does not volunteer any species information).
  • Kavval Imre Bas: [Skarn male, twenty] The young man waits precisely in the doorway as Holby announces him, strides in to stop in front of the dais, bows and addresses each of you by title. He looks mostly human, with a narrower face; his eyes have pupils like a cat and a faint blueish glow [Perception 15] within. Most notable, however, are his arms, exposed by his sleeveless tunic. Spines lay along the outer edge of his arm like claws at rest, and more along his back. He waits to be addressed, then makes his case to pledge fealty to Veir. He is currently sworn to a Thane of Cadairhen, but the man has been corrupted to a “shadowed husk of a ideal specimen” by indulgences in drugs and drink. Only a baron or greater may break and reform his bond. He is a travel guard, but now only escorts his lord’s procurer. He is straightforward and formal with any question put to him. He looks to have a similar job in Veir.

People of Veir

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