People of Cadair

Caer Cadairhen

Henning, Captain of the Scarlet Guard: a young guard who took up the banner when the previous Captain and First each fell during the attempted Norhalt coup. He managed to guard the Newfolk saviors and organize the clearing of the seaward wing. He has been promoted for his valor.

Irminric Cuthred, King of Doralon, Duke of Cadairen, Lord of the Sea, second of his line: Irminric Cuthred rules the nine baronies of Doralon. Rulership was passed down from his father, Symond Cuthred, six years ago, with Lord Symond ruling the Duchy of Cadairen until his death two years later. It is expected that Tansal Cuthred, Irminric’s eldest son, will be given the Duchy sometime after he comes of age. The fact that he is the second of his line is notable: before this all the Barons would fight for rule once the King died, heirs or no. As a result Cadairen has enjoyed 20 stable years of rule. However, Irminric has had to contend with dissension from his barons for this break in tradition.

Tycho, Lord High Loremaster of Cadairhen, High master of the Hallowed Hall: The loremaster to Caer Cadairhen and overseer of all other loremasters.

Seyrran, Lord High Magi of Cadairhen: Court mage to the crown.


Leowulf and Eadwulf: A pair of brash swaggering young human brands. They applied to be vassals of Veir, but were turned away after failing a demonstration of their abilities. They are usually accounted as annoying but capable when they apply themselves, and can furnish good references to their previous abilities (including Acksul Company) to speak to their abilities as guards and enforcers. They seem intent on knowing how they will be fed, equipped, fed, paid, fed, and fed.

Goreg: A smaller human with a round, open face. When applying for a job, often opens with “what do you need”? He calims experience and capability in several jobs including transporting, sailing, serving, procuring, and the like. Seems to be looking to better his lot. Something of a snappy dresser for his station.

Saul: Large fisherman with a leathered face and deep voice. He alone responded to the plea for assistance from Veir. Was rewarded well for his service, and returned to his life, presumably continued fishing.

People of Cadair

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