Items in brown are from the SRD, with corrections or variants to some part of the entry. All entries and prices are estimates based on Cadair standards: various factors (economic and PC-related) may modify these prices.


Item Cost Weight Description/Notes
Barley 1cA 1.5 lb Suitable to boil, roll or grind to meal or flour. Enough for a meager day’s sustenance.
Barrel, wee keg (empty) 2cA 5 lb Most common brewing size for communities. Capacity 5 gallons (40 pints). Used kegs often sell for 5cs.
Beer or ale, 1 pint 1cs 1 lb Low-alcohol ale or beer (~1%), a common drink for a meal. Unlikely to cause drunkenness.
Beer or ale, wee keg 5cA 48 lb Most common brewing size for communities. Keg holds 5 gallons (40 pints).
Dagger, peasant’s 5sA 1 lb A sturdy, short blade dagger, designed for maximum utility. Used for gutting, eating, shaving, carving, and more. If it is used in combat, does 1d2 dmg, 20/x2, cannot be thrown, and you are still treated as unarmed


Item Cost Weight Max Dex Armor Check Spell Failure SRD basis Description/Notes
Brigandine 50gA 15 lb +6 -0 10% Studded Leather A canvas or leather garment, usually sleeveless, lined with small steel plates riveted to the cloth. A coat of plates is similar, with the plates simply sewn in instead of riveted. Can match or blend with normal clothing. Masterwork can be nearly indistinguishable from normal clothing.


Item Cost Weight Damage Crit Type SRD basis Description/Notes
Stiletto 5gA 1 lb 1d4 x3 Piercing Dagger A common backup weapon for knights. Designed to pierce chain and enter between armor plates. +1 attack bonus against armored opponents (including natural armor), +3 bonus on checks to conceal it. Cannot be thrown, and cannot be used to perform disarm, parry, grant an armor bonus to AC, or similar combat maneuvers.


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