Duchy of Cadair

Currently the Stewardess Hester Sich rules the Duchy.

The only duchy under the Kingdoms of Cadair. The duchy contains the Barony of Springfair, as well as Caer Cadairhen, the seat of government for the Kingdoms of Cadair. The Duke (or High Steward) of Cadair have office in Caer Cadairhen as well as a grand manor in the city of Cadairhen.

Cadair is warm, rocky, fairly lush, with a very developed fishing fleet. Its seat of rule is Cadairhen, ruled by the Duke or Steward of Cadair in the name of the King of Cadair. The duchy provides the needs of Cadairhen, and works to be a hub of trade. In addition, fine white sands are worked to glazes, fine glass, enamels, and ceramics. Large herds of sheep are grazed here, and several paperworks produce enough paper to satisfy the Royal Lorehall and still manage some exports. Many master craftsmen have made their trade and home in the city of Cadairhen.

Cadair political structure

Caer Cadairhen

The castle seat of the Crown of the Kingdom of Cadair. The Duke of Cadair also holds seat and office in the castle. No other realms have claimed independence of the Crown. Caer Cadairhen maintains a standing army and navy of professional trained soldiers and their support. These soldiers are sworn to the Crown for life (though there is a tradition of retirement for age and service), and are identified by their bright red livery. The Scarlet Navy consists of two warships, 35 fighting sailors, and sailor and magical support. The core castle guard, the Scarlet Army or Scarlet Guard, consists of 25 soldiers and their support, stationed mostly as officers over the guards provided by baronial duty and royal guards.


Large port city of Caer Cadairhen. Boasts many ports, and the largest number of vessels of any other city. This is the largest city in Cadair, and may be the largest city in Doralon.

  • Dockside: extensive docks, with small and large piers, drydocks, large warehouses and trade halls where goods change hands. Rowdy, with lots work available, ships coming and going constantly, and street patrols scarce – the merchants generally hire or provide guards for warehouses they are using.
  • Hallowed Hall: Three-story building and domain of the Lord High Loremaster. The lower level is open to the public, and is devoted to some books and scrolls containing good citizen subjects and open classes to teach basic literacy and mathematics freely (within parameters) – nearly 50% of Cadairhen can read and write to a fair degree. The second and third story are a vast library open to a more select set. The third floor also houses some of the Lord High Loremaster’s private library and his personal chambers.


Village of Cadair. Large port village on western shore of Cadair

Holdings outside Cadair

The duchy of Cadair maintains a small manor in all but the two most recent baronies (Rhuunthyr and Veir – which was Norhalt). Though technically under the duchy, it is considered a house of the crown, and is considered bad form to tax it.

Duchy of Cadair

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