Doralon rules


Isle of Doralon is a generic medieval/early renaissance fantasy setting. The “civilized” area is mostly (50% or more pop) human or part human. Magic is not an overwhelming or dominating force (acceptance varies by region and type of magic), with very basic “ritual magic” widespread – roughly 1 in 4 people (e.g. scour a kettle, remove rust, rekindle a fire) know a ritual or two and use them. The world is mostly new, with the earliest written history only going back about 150 years, and most permanent structures much newer than that (50 years or so).

Rules variants

  • Healing:
    • Every 2 points of normal magical healing inflicts 1 point of non-lethal damage. Note this means you can be knocked out during a fight more easily, and a bad fight may take you a day to recover from even with magical assistance.
    • Healing (conjuration) does not remove non-lethal damage. Other healing evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Non-lethal damage
    • Non-lethal damage occurs from normal sources, and as a result of magical healing.
    • Non-lethal damage heals at a rate of 1 point per character level per hour
    • If non-lethal damage is less than your current hit points, you function as normal
    • If non-lethal damage is equal to or greater than your current hit points, you are staggered
    • If non-lethal damage is greater than your maximum hit points, you are unconscious
    • If non-lethal damage is greater than your maximum hit points + 10, every point of non-lethal damage dealt also deals normal (lethal) damage.
  • Massive Damage
    • Massive damage redefined as taking more than half your maximum HP in one hit (or set of hits from one source in one round). Coup de grĂ¢ce rules remain as normal.
    • Massive damage does not cause death. Replaced with unconscious from massive damage (saves are the same). Good to fair chance at permanent damage, though.
  • Called shots: use sunder rules (and feats)
  • Critical hits
    • +10/-10 and hit to crit: a roll of 20 adds 10 to the total roll. A roll of 1 subtracts 10 from the total roll. Either way, something dramatic may still happen. A critical success does not automatically succeed, nor does a critical failure automatically fail
    • Multicrits: Rolling a critical threat on the roll to confirm the threat (assuming it succeeds) counts as another critical threat. If that threat is confirmed, the critical range is increased one step (e.g. x2 goes to x3, x3 to x4, etc). This can continue indefinitely, though usually a confirmed triple critical is considered instant death/unconscious or perfect execution.
    • Over 10 threat rule: If your roll exceeds a target’s AC by 10 or more, you usually automatically threaten critical.
  • DM’s favour tokens: tokens given out that may be used in-game by the player to allow the player to intercede on behalf of their character. This may be for spoils, favor, XP, items, information, or some other in-game benefit. The request may be modified by the DM, but not entirely denied. The scope of the token is similar to Limited Wish.
  • Minor tokens: Minor tokens may be given out as well, that have limited scope, but are similar to DM’s tokens. For instance, minor luck token may grant +2/-2 to a roll and may be applied after roll and result known.

Character generation

- Stats: 4d6, reroll 1’s once, drop lowest. Generate 6 stats, assign as you wish.
- Bonus stat point, in addition to normal rules stat point.
- Starting level: 4th, with XP halfway to 5th level.
- Bonus skills points: every class has +1 skill point/level
- Bonus skills: every class has craft, every “civilized” class has profession. Every class has either Listen or Spot as a class skill: if your class has neither, DM will select
- Any sourcebook is valid for character items or generation. If it is not core, confirm with DM
- Wizards/Sorcerers are encouraged to play Magnus class (custom DM class) as an alternative
- Starting items level: 4000gp of stuff.
- Races/Classes/Item/Alignment restrictions: No blatantly party-destructive members or tenancies (that can come later, perhaps). Races should be human-compatible. No Chaotic Evil, talk to me for Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil.

Doralon rules

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