The currency of Doralon is, by nature, somewhat mixed. Cadairhen has set its currency, and by virtue of its status as a political and economic central point, has made it widespread. Below is the currency of Cadair and the universal and trade currency.

All Cadair coins, called “achtdarnau” or “achts” for short, are octagonal with a small hole in the center, and often with light score between the points. They are 1.5" from edge to edge, and usually struck from sheets of gold, silver, or copper. Coins are sometimes (more frequently for silver and gold) cut from point to point, down to eights of a coin, called “slices”, with a “copper slice” being the smallest common unit of currency.

Value of the currency is fixed around the copper achtdarnau. One copper achtdarnau will buy one pound of barley – enough to provide food for a man for a day, abetting a mean and bland set of meals. A silver achtdarnau will buy 10 pounds of barley, and a gold achtdarnau will buy 100 pounds.

Iron achtdarnau are issued by Cadair to any thane, baron, or baron’s man, or a person with the appropriate patent of coinage. These iron achts have no scores, the rampart of Cadair inscribed in them, and a hole in the center. They are the standard for size and thickness used to determine valid coins. Cadair has strict punishments for passing coins that do not conform to its standard.

Monetary key
cs – copper slice cA – copper achtdarnau
ss – silver slice sA – silver achtdarnau
gs – gold slice gA – gold achtdarnau
8 slices = 1 achtdarnau 1 gA = 10 sA = 100 cA


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