Barony of Veir

Baron vier Newly created barony of the north, from a previous barony dissolved for treason. The old barony (Norhalt) was recently established, created from the Northern Outpost 20 years ago. Veir is the only barony that does not have near access to the sea, and is situated in front of Fellpont, the wide pass between the mountains of Ar-tarain and Gaelfan. The seat of rule is Norhall, the barony shared among the four Newfolk. The barony is new, known for its danger and opportunity, where skilled labor and ambitious determination are equally welcome, and anyone has the hope of achieving wealth or influence. If they survive. Or don’t go mad. It is rumored that Veir’s Lorehall already surpasses any other in Grosslore (it is whispered, too, that they have a secret Lorehall with secrets to power gleaned from the Badlands). Aside from that, Veir has made a name for itself for draft animals, Foresters, and is becoming known for its roads and caravan guards. Due to its proximity to the Warders Way, they have regular contact with the Forest Warders. Likewise, their contact with the Dwarves of Belmek means they have regular trade with and occasional training from the Dwarven Hall.

Primary tithe is furs, ingots (mixed metals), black basalt, timber, pitch, draft animals (oxen, draft horses), goats, beer and heavybeer, cheese, and dwarven goods. Hearty rye is grown extensively in this region for local human and livestock consumption.


A hamlet of Veir; a small farming town of a little over a hundred huddled around a walled keep.


The small mining town of Veir, with fortification built into the side of the mountain.

Barony of Veir

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