Warder's charm

A less expensive alternative to the Jade Charm


Warder’s Charm
Jewelry (bracelet, sometimes necklace or torc)
Weight: – (less than 0.5 lb)
Cost: 2 gA

The Warder’s Charm uses an iron rounded triangle with a silver inlaid magical diagram, with bloodstone, quartz, and grey granite set in silver at the points, surrounding a small white pearl seated in gold. A small lodestone wrapped and set from iron wires extending from the bottom of the triangle. Loop cast on either side of the charm allows it to be worn as a bracelet, or as a torc or choker, or some other way that touches the skin.


The Warders are a large organization. To equip them all with jade charms would strip the realm of much of its jade over time. Too, the creation of Jade Charms are expensive and difficult. To this end, the Warders have created a talisman, wrought in iron and binding similar elements. It is not as effective or enduring as a Jade Charm, but it most certainly works.

Due to their cost, Warder’s Charms worn by non-warders as an alternative to a Jade Charm.

Warders usually wear the charm on their wrist, pressed there with a leather band. The Warders say the pearl changes color and the quartz vibrates in response to grotesques. Rumor says that any Warder found in the Warders Way without their charm is killed on the spot.

Warder's charm

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