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weapon (melee)

The venomblade template must be applied to a weapon when it is being manufactured – it cannot be added later. Venomblades are always masterwork, and venomblade adds 150 gp to the price of a weapon (on top of the masterwork price). The capacity of a venomblade (how many “doses” it can hold) should reflect its size, but creative smiths have no doubt found ways to expand the capacity, for the right price. Venomblades require no special training to use, but tend to be a bit awkward to handle and use correctly, imposing a -1 penalty on attacks when using the venom function of the weapon. Venomblades can be enchanted as normal.

The bladevenoms themselves are left to the creativity of the GM, but any poison can be “thickened” to use, and any substance from the alchemy list can be used (adapting / thickening adds 25% to the price). Too, a potion could be used as a bladevenom. There is no chance of poisoning or envenoming yourself while reloading a venomblade in a quiet, non-stressful situation.

Below are some examples of venomblade weapons:

  • Envenomed Dagger (mw) (452 gp) Simple, Light weapon Dmg: 1d4 (19-20/x2) (P or S) Holds 1 dose bladevenom
  • Envenomed Warhammer (mw) (462 gp) Martial, One-handed weapon Dmg: 1d8 (x3) (B) Holds 3 doses bladevenom
  • Envenomed Scythe (mw) (468 gp), holds 5 doses bladevenom

Below are some examples of Bladevenoms made from alchemical substances

  • Alchemist’s Fire bladevenom (25 gp) This flask of blended oil and Alchemist’s fire holds enough for 3 doses. On striking, the oil and fire add to the injury of the target, adding an additional 1d3 fire damage the first round, and 1 fire damage the next round.
  • Holy water bladevenom (31 gp) This flask of silvery blessed oil holds enough bladevenom for 3 doses. On striking, the blessed oil adds 1d4 holy damage to a strike. In addition, the venomblade is treated as a holy weapon for that strike.
  • Slowing bladevenom (973 gp) This languid potion holds enough bladevenom for 2 doses. On striking, the target must make a Will save (DC 15) or be affected by the Slow spell for 5 rounds.

Venomblade is a general term for any weapon that is designed to allow a store a small amount of alchemical substance (or specially prepared poison) for simple deployment while attacking. The term Venomblade is somewhat misleading – the weapon does not have to have a blade, nor does it need to employ a “venom” specifically.

The technology varies based on weapon and substance, but they all allow the wielder to, as a swift action, dispense 1 dose of alchemical substance. This substance flows to the striking surface of the weapon, and lingers there for two rounds or until the weapon strikes a target, dealing damage. Once the weapon strikes (or two rounds pass without the weapon striking) the bladevenom or alchemical substance has dissipated, flung off in battle.

A poisonblade is a variation of a venomblade specifically designed to use standard contact / injury poisons. It cannot be used for bladevenoms or alchemical substances (doing so renders the poisonblade ability unusable until a master weaponsmith can clean it), and usually has a much smaller reservoir.


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