Jade charm

Ward and protection from the Grotesque


Jade Charm
Jewelry (necklace, bracelet, choker, torc)
Weight: – (less than 0.5 lb)
Cost: 50 gA

A Jade Charm is typically a 2" diameter disc of iron with a magical symbol inlaid in silver on it. In the center is a small piece of jade set in silver, with small pieces of lodestone, sunstone, bloodstone, and a large crystal of salt on the points of the figure around it. A hook, catch, or loop cast into the back of the charm allows it to be worn as a necklace, bracelet, on a torc or choker, or some other way that touches the skin.


The folk of Doralon have learned that jade has a powerful effect against grotesque creatures, it can burn them, cause them pain or even drive them back by its presence, though the stone may suffer in the process. Other items are known to have some effect on the grotesque (notably pure salt, silver, and lodestone and lode-iron), but not as intensely or universally as jade. Jade is rare in Doralon, and always valued at at least ten times its weight in gold.

Jade charm

The Jade Charm is a commonly-known and widely-recognized adornment. It it widely considered the best protection against grotesques available. Sages know of only very few more effective means of protection, and none of them portable. Designed early in recorded history by Aeoseph the First Adept [an Adept is someone who is a master at two or more sage arts, contrast with Savant, who is master of two or more crafts], it combines multiple protective elements, bound magically in synergy. Tales say that a Jade Charm has never broken before a grotesques, that they burn grotesques and people afflicted by them on touch, and the glow and faintly sing a single clear note when grotesques are nearby.

Jade charm

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