Tenna is a fragile, winged, chaotic youth with a good heart. She is going to do all she can for the good of the people of Doralon - whether they like it or not.


Tenna’s hair is actually silver, and she is neither as old nor as tall as this picture implies. But it was as close as I could get with this program.


Tenna is the younger daughter of Count Rhenauft. She is a pale, sharp featured, slight creature who always wears a multicolored cloak. She has been protected from society for her mother was a fey and those with fey parentage tend to be ostracized as “different”. Much of Tenna’s understanding of the world has come from her older sister. She knows how to pick a lock, hide in plain sight and charm at will. Despite this Tenna has a good heart and does not wish to see people hurt. She loves teasing and games and will do almost anything to make her sister happy. The two of them love to play pranks on the snobs of society. Tenna is intelligent but naïve. She and her sister are “taking a break from the boredom” and exploring the world. Tenna is used to a high class existence – good food, baths, nice clothes – and would not be happy camping out.

Although originally miffed about being transported to Doralon and stuck with a barony, Tenna now sees this as an opportunity to help people – whether they want it or not. As there is little chance now to hide what she is, Tenna will embrace her status as a winged symbol of Good. She may even need some new flying outfits to help create her new identity!


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