Isle of Doralon

Swearing Ceremony

Spanning the evening of 7 Kocap 30th in Cuthred to evening of 8 Kocap

In which our heroes take on oaths of fealty to a lot of the help, reject (sometimes violently) a few petitioners, go shopping, and explore Cadairhen a bit.


Well, one thing we’ve found, Norhalt was most definitely not along in this rebellion. We are discovering more and more that several other Baronies are in residence in Cadairhen, and that this is not a normal occurrence. I can now only believe that any Barons in Cadairhen now supported the Baron of Norhalt in his rebellion, or at the very least did not oppose him. Danelm and myself spent last evening visiting various taverns throughout the town, looking for people with information on the other Barons and their allegiances, which is how I came to my earlier stated conclusion.

Our fourth day in this realm passed without much incident. A few more petitioners whom we hired on in the morning. Then Danelm, Tenna, and myself went out on the town (this time with an escort, I don’t know what Holby was so worried about). We did some shopping (Tenna was looking for a Jade Charm, and both Tenna and Aderyn were in desperate need of alterations to their wardrobes), and then it was off to The Hall. There I found much about the herbs of this world. With the assistance of Danelm and his artistic hand, I was able to copy information and pictures regarding the plants with the specific uses I was looking for. Some of which are very similar to those I grew up with, and the rest I now have the information to study and learn. I feel like a child once again, sitting at my grandmother’s knee as she teaches me about each of the herbs as she brews her healing tonics. Of course, I use the herbs for a slightly different outcome, focusing more on the plants and herbs she warned me to stay away from, but still…

After a while, Tenna seemed to be bored, although Danelm kept finding things to occupy his time between pictures, so we all returned to the manor for the swearing-in ceremony of our new Veir-folk, followed by a quiet, and short, party celebrating the occasion. Once all was said and done, Danelm and I left for another evening at the taverns. After which I went through my usual evening workout before bed.
All in all, a calm day.



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