Isle of Doralon

Intercepting an Army

Spanning late morning of 12th Kocap to early morning of 15th Kocap.

In which the Barons meet the army bound for Cadair. As they travel, they sort out their wounded, and their new companions – a Mirnm mercenary and a small band of goblin mercenaries. With the army in sight after a day and a half of travel, the barons come across the army of Norhalts marching on Cadair at the command of Moravant. A scouting expedition into the sleeping encampment nearly ends in disaster, and the next day the Thanes of Norhalt take their oaths to the Barons of Veir.

Also, Spanning the morning of 15th Kocap to the evening of 15th Kocap.

In which the Barons celebrate their victory, hold a ceremony to receive oaths of fealty from the general army, and are targeted for assassination by poison, from which they escape (though not unscathed).



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