Isle of Doralon

Hiring Help

And the dangers of unescorted ladies

Spanning after breakfast of 7 Kocap 30th in Cuthred to evening of that same day

In which our heroes hear petitions for Veir and personal petitions for folk wishing to swear fealty to Veir. Too, they learn of the dangers Barons, Newfolk, or pretty ladies are subject to, and they find unexpected allies in the streets.


Being a Baroness is not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. So far, we’ve listened to petitioners. And more petitioners. And more petitioners. And the ones who don’t want to work for us, want us to marry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to all the balls and parties the invitations have spoken of. I just don’t want any of these people thinking I’m going to marry their son just because I go to their dance. But that’s an obstacle we haven’t gotten to yet. Especially since Godrik seems to have decided he doesn’t want me to have any fun.

And, for the brief moment Aderyn and I were able to step away from the stiffness and the rules, trouble happened. No good deed goes unpunished. I saw a street scoundrel steal a basket from an elderly woman in the streets. I chased him down, only to get caught in their trap. Several stabs later, I was alive, the morons who remained in the alley were now dead, and we gained an ally or two. Aderyn followed with a sailor who we were able to reward for his help, and we encountered another Newfolk, like us. A man by the name of Danelm, who seems to like to stay to the shadows, appeared in the alley in the middle of the fight. He helped us, and followed us back to the manor home, but he hasn’t yet said what reward he wants. I hope he stays for a while longer, at least. He’s intriguing to me.


So petitioners are mostly boring. And the only excitement all day long happened to Addy and Lessa while I was having a flight! sigh I’m ready to get moving on to Veir and see what’s going on up there. At least Addy let me sit on the back of the throne while we were seeing people – Father would never let me do that, even though I told him it’s more comfortable for me! That’s fun anyway: I’m not getting bossed around nearly so much here as at home.

I am glad Addy and Lessa are alright. They got attacked in a bad way but some people came to help them. Some old sailor and a person who speaks Auran! I am currently annoyed with him, but I think I would like to speak with him more when he returns from wherever it was he went. I just realized that we may be the only two people in this WORLD who speak Auran! That’s rather exciting actually. I should go look for him.



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