Isle of Doralon

Busy breakfast

Spanning the morning of 9 Kocap, 30th Cuthred to early afternoon of the same day

In which our heroes have an exciting, and in some cases belated, breakfast. New friends are made, and the inkling that many of the people in the household are harboring secrets. There are a good many items to address this day, and the announcement is made that tomorrow morning the Barons will return to Veir.


I thought we would have another laid back sort of day. I thought I could spend my morning studying my writings from yesterday. I thought I could have a leisurely breakfast. I thought wrong…
As I sat down to breakfast, Aderyn asked if I had seen Tenna this morning. I grabbed a biscuit as I answered I had not. Then the horror filled me as Aderyn said, “She hasn’t come back from her morning flight.” This world is not safe for someone like Tenna to be out on her own. She is so innocent and trusting, as I once was. There are so many dangers where she could be the victim, as I once was. I won’t let her innocence be taken from her, as mine once was.

With those thoughts pounding inside my skull, I raced. I raced to dress, I raced down the stairs, I raced to my horse, I raced through the town to the only place I could think Tenna might go that early in the morning: the store where she was looking at the Jade Charm yesterday. I was only vaguely aware of Maximus, the retired Scarlet Guard we swore in yesterday, following me. As I neared the shop, I saw Tenna appear between two buildings in flight. Once she came down, I determined by the look in her eyes that her innocence was still intact. Her only pain from her time on the street appeared to be a bruise. I asked her to point out who did this, intending to deliver an appropriate punishment upon whomever attacked a Baron of Veir. Then she pointed out the shop. An Exotic Pleasure House.

The reason for my violated past, for the rape of my innocence, for my first kill. After my initial rage was released through my knife, my mind went blank as a surreal calm settled over me. I set to work to leave a message to those who frequent this detestable sort of place. I took care not to let Tenna see the mutilation; I was determined not to destroy her innocence this day. Once I was finished with the body, we released the poor creatures locked in their foul cages, and Maximus helped to ensure the cages would not be useful to any of the corpse’s associates. The message should be clear: This kind of torture and rape will not be allowed as long as I have breath in my body. Justice has been served.



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