Isle of Doralon

Being Barons

Spanning the day of 6th Kocap, in the 30th year Cuthred

In which the heroes begin to learn of their new land.


I don’t know if the two suns or the two moons have some odd effect on magical items in the land, but my bag of holding is no longer mine. At first, it didn’t seem so bad. All it took was a couple of tries and my bag would open onto my items. A bit of mist, maybe some odd noises, but nothing too terrible. But each time I tried to open it, the more times it took.

And then the creatures came. I had finally agreed to turn it over to the local mage for investigation, but I didn’t want him going through my personal items. And they came out before I could do anything. Started attacking us. We managed to destroy them, but I was forced, along with Tenna, the younger of the two sisters, to give my bag to the local mage for “proper disposal”. At least I was able to get my personal belongings out of it before he investigated, and then destroyed, it.



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