Isle of Doralon

Arrival in Doralon

Just throne into it

In which you were trying to steal a painting from a manor, were flung away to who-knows-where (but probably for the better), helped a King weather a coup, and became barons of a holding last known for attempted regicide.


The air is different here: fresher, the breezes more playful. My father can no longer tell me I must hide who I am so I may soar day or night as my heart delights. It is a young land, this Doralon: young and eager and beautiful. I didn’t want to come here. I was angry at being sent here. But after just a few days I am thrilled about the possibilities laid out before us.

We saved the king. We had to because my sister says that nobility sticks together. I think she must mean that we stick together against non-nobles because we do fight amongst ourselves quite a bit. And now that knight is a baron with us! I guess that means we ought to stop treating him like a servant. And if I’m going to be a baroness in my own right I need to get some new clothes commissioned. I wonder if it would be possible to make a dress that’s actually pants, or perhaps pants that look like a dress? I do love skirts, but they allow awkward breezes in the nether regions during flight, and SOME people do not think it very appropriate for a baroness to be showing her knickers to peasants.

Sir Godrik

I know little about how we came to be on this Island of Doralon, and it is little comfort to know that no one else seems to have any idea either. Still, we must make the best of what the Fates have given to us. We have a Barony. I am the head of the Knights of the Azure cloak on this island (though the current membership is only myself). Most importantly, we have the friendship of the King, and he has seen fit to gift me with arms and a fine charger.

My most pressing concern at the moment is to learn as much as I can about our holdings (renamed the Barony of Vier, the significance of which I must inquire about), where we fit in the political landscape, and how to make our position secure. The best way for me to look after the count’s girls is to keep our position sure, and try to use their newfound responsibilities to mold them into responsible ladies.



I had a good life. I was highly respected (by which I mean paid) and my company was requested at all the important social functions, and by all the important members of society. And all that without being titled myself. And then I was snubbed. Lord Pompous (by which I mean Ryany, the third earl of Weinewald, but Lord Pompous suits him much better) was throwing a party. He had some mysterious painting he was planning to reveal and he slighted me by not extending an invitation to me.

The plan was simple: I hired a couple of sisters who have an amazing talent for sneaking things away. Yes, I could have slipped into his manor and gotten rid of his painting myself. But I have heard so many stories from adventures about the camaraderie of their team. I wanted to try working within a group for a change. And along with the girls came their escort, some knight who seems ruled by his sense of “Right”.

Long story short: I will get to try this group thing for longer than originally anticipated. We got pulled into another world that we can’t seem to escape. At least Aderyn managed to burn that nightmare of a painting before we were taken away. We popped into a completely different world in the middle of a Rebellion, saved the King, and were rewarded by being appointed Barons (a higher title here than it is at home) of the land the rebels were from.

All in all, not a terrible day. I now have the station in life I’ve always deserved, I’m getting along well with the sisters, and it seems we can do no wrong as the saviors of the kingdom. It is only that knight who I seem to be having difficulties with…

Arrival in Doralon

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