Isle of Doralon

Intercepting an Army

Spanning late morning of 12th Kocap to early morning of 15th Kocap.

In which the Barons meet the army bound for Cadair. As they travel, they sort out their wounded, and their new companions – a Mirnm mercenary and a small band of goblin mercenaries. With the army in sight after a day and a half of travel, the barons come across the army of Norhalts marching on Cadair at the command of Moravant. A scouting expedition into the sleeping encampment nearly ends in disaster, and the next day the Thanes of Norhalt take their oaths to the Barons of Veir.

Also, Spanning the morning of 15th Kocap to the evening of 15th Kocap.

In which the Barons celebrate their victory, hold a ceremony to receive oaths of fealty from the general army, and are targeted for assassination by poison, from which they escape (though not unscathed).

Veering toward Veir

Spanning the afternoon of 9 Kocap, 30th Cuthred to the morning of 10th Kocap.

The Barons are summoned to Caer Cadairhen and informed of an effect of Moravant’s treason still at large. Too, the Barons go shopping. Plans change, a few more folk swear fealty Veir, and dawn finds the Barons and their subjects on the road to the coast.

Busy breakfast

Spanning the morning of 9 Kocap, 30th Cuthred to early afternoon of the same day

In which our heroes have an exciting, and in some cases belated, breakfast. New friends are made, and the inkling that many of the people in the household are harboring secrets. There are a good many items to address this day, and the announcement is made that tomorrow morning the Barons will return to Veir.


I thought we would have another laid back sort of day. I thought I could spend my morning studying my writings from yesterday. I thought I could have a leisurely breakfast. I thought wrong…
As I sat down to breakfast, Aderyn asked if I had seen Tenna this morning. I grabbed a biscuit as I answered I had not. Then the horror filled me as Aderyn said, “She hasn’t come back from her morning flight.” This world is not safe for someone like Tenna to be out on her own. She is so innocent and trusting, as I once was. There are so many dangers where she could be the victim, as I once was. I won’t let her innocence be taken from her, as mine once was.

With those thoughts pounding inside my skull, I raced. I raced to dress, I raced down the stairs, I raced to my horse, I raced through the town to the only place I could think Tenna might go that early in the morning: the store where she was looking at the Jade Charm yesterday. I was only vaguely aware of Maximus, the retired Scarlet Guard we swore in yesterday, following me. As I neared the shop, I saw Tenna appear between two buildings in flight. Once she came down, I determined by the look in her eyes that her innocence was still intact. Her only pain from her time on the street appeared to be a bruise. I asked her to point out who did this, intending to deliver an appropriate punishment upon whomever attacked a Baron of Veir. Then she pointed out the shop. An Exotic Pleasure House.

The reason for my violated past, for the rape of my innocence, for my first kill. After my initial rage was released through my knife, my mind went blank as a surreal calm settled over me. I set to work to leave a message to those who frequent this detestable sort of place. I took care not to let Tenna see the mutilation; I was determined not to destroy her innocence this day. Once I was finished with the body, we released the poor creatures locked in their foul cages, and Maximus helped to ensure the cages would not be useful to any of the corpse’s associates. The message should be clear: This kind of torture and rape will not be allowed as long as I have breath in my body. Justice has been served.

Swearing Ceremony

Spanning the evening of 7 Kocap 30th in Cuthred to evening of 8 Kocap

In which our heroes take on oaths of fealty to a lot of the help, reject (sometimes violently) a few petitioners, go shopping, and explore Cadairhen a bit.


Well, one thing we’ve found, Norhalt was most definitely not along in this rebellion. We are discovering more and more that several other Baronies are in residence in Cadairhen, and that this is not a normal occurrence. I can now only believe that any Barons in Cadairhen now supported the Baron of Norhalt in his rebellion, or at the very least did not oppose him. Danelm and myself spent last evening visiting various taverns throughout the town, looking for people with information on the other Barons and their allegiances, which is how I came to my earlier stated conclusion.

Our fourth day in this realm passed without much incident. A few more petitioners whom we hired on in the morning. Then Danelm, Tenna, and myself went out on the town (this time with an escort, I don’t know what Holby was so worried about). We did some shopping (Tenna was looking for a Jade Charm, and both Tenna and Aderyn were in desperate need of alterations to their wardrobes), and then it was off to The Hall. There I found much about the herbs of this world. With the assistance of Danelm and his artistic hand, I was able to copy information and pictures regarding the plants with the specific uses I was looking for. Some of which are very similar to those I grew up with, and the rest I now have the information to study and learn. I feel like a child once again, sitting at my grandmother’s knee as she teaches me about each of the herbs as she brews her healing tonics. Of course, I use the herbs for a slightly different outcome, focusing more on the plants and herbs she warned me to stay away from, but still…

After a while, Tenna seemed to be bored, although Danelm kept finding things to occupy his time between pictures, so we all returned to the manor for the swearing-in ceremony of our new Veir-folk, followed by a quiet, and short, party celebrating the occasion. Once all was said and done, Danelm and I left for another evening at the taverns. After which I went through my usual evening workout before bed.
All in all, a calm day.

Hiring Help
And the dangers of unescorted ladies

Spanning after breakfast of 7 Kocap 30th in Cuthred to evening of that same day

In which our heroes hear petitions for Veir and personal petitions for folk wishing to swear fealty to Veir. Too, they learn of the dangers Barons, Newfolk, or pretty ladies are subject to, and they find unexpected allies in the streets.


Being a Baroness is not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. So far, we’ve listened to petitioners. And more petitioners. And more petitioners. And the ones who don’t want to work for us, want us to marry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to all the balls and parties the invitations have spoken of. I just don’t want any of these people thinking I’m going to marry their son just because I go to their dance. But that’s an obstacle we haven’t gotten to yet. Especially since Godrik seems to have decided he doesn’t want me to have any fun.

And, for the brief moment Aderyn and I were able to step away from the stiffness and the rules, trouble happened. No good deed goes unpunished. I saw a street scoundrel steal a basket from an elderly woman in the streets. I chased him down, only to get caught in their trap. Several stabs later, I was alive, the morons who remained in the alley were now dead, and we gained an ally or two. Aderyn followed with a sailor who we were able to reward for his help, and we encountered another Newfolk, like us. A man by the name of Danelm, who seems to like to stay to the shadows, appeared in the alley in the middle of the fight. He helped us, and followed us back to the manor home, but he hasn’t yet said what reward he wants. I hope he stays for a while longer, at least. He’s intriguing to me.


So petitioners are mostly boring. And the only excitement all day long happened to Addy and Lessa while I was having a flight! sigh I’m ready to get moving on to Veir and see what’s going on up there. At least Addy let me sit on the back of the throne while we were seeing people – Father would never let me do that, even though I told him it’s more comfortable for me! That’s fun anyway: I’m not getting bossed around nearly so much here as at home.

I am glad Addy and Lessa are alright. They got attacked in a bad way but some people came to help them. Some old sailor and a person who speaks Auran! I am currently annoyed with him, but I think I would like to speak with him more when he returns from wherever it was he went. I just realized that we may be the only two people in this WORLD who speak Auran! That’s rather exciting actually. I should go look for him.

Being Barons

Spanning the day of 6th Kocap, in the 30th year Cuthred

In which the heroes begin to learn of their new land.


I don’t know if the two suns or the two moons have some odd effect on magical items in the land, but my bag of holding is no longer mine. At first, it didn’t seem so bad. All it took was a couple of tries and my bag would open onto my items. A bit of mist, maybe some odd noises, but nothing too terrible. But each time I tried to open it, the more times it took.

And then the creatures came. I had finally agreed to turn it over to the local mage for investigation, but I didn’t want him going through my personal items. And they came out before I could do anything. Started attacking us. We managed to destroy them, but I was forced, along with Tenna, the younger of the two sisters, to give my bag to the local mage for “proper disposal”. At least I was able to get my personal belongings out of it before he investigated, and then destroyed, it.

Arrival in Doralon
Just throne into it

In which you were trying to steal a painting from a manor, were flung away to who-knows-where (but probably for the better), helped a King weather a coup, and became barons of a holding last known for attempted regicide.


The air is different here: fresher, the breezes more playful. My father can no longer tell me I must hide who I am so I may soar day or night as my heart delights. It is a young land, this Doralon: young and eager and beautiful. I didn’t want to come here. I was angry at being sent here. But after just a few days I am thrilled about the possibilities laid out before us.

We saved the king. We had to because my sister says that nobility sticks together. I think she must mean that we stick together against non-nobles because we do fight amongst ourselves quite a bit. And now that knight is a baron with us! I guess that means we ought to stop treating him like a servant. And if I’m going to be a baroness in my own right I need to get some new clothes commissioned. I wonder if it would be possible to make a dress that’s actually pants, or perhaps pants that look like a dress? I do love skirts, but they allow awkward breezes in the nether regions during flight, and SOME people do not think it very appropriate for a baroness to be showing her knickers to peasants.

Sir Godrik

I know little about how we came to be on this Island of Doralon, and it is little comfort to know that no one else seems to have any idea either. Still, we must make the best of what the Fates have given to us. We have a Barony. I am the head of the Knights of the Azure cloak on this island (though the current membership is only myself). Most importantly, we have the friendship of the King, and he has seen fit to gift me with arms and a fine charger.

My most pressing concern at the moment is to learn as much as I can about our holdings (renamed the Barony of Vier, the significance of which I must inquire about), where we fit in the political landscape, and how to make our position secure. The best way for me to look after the count’s girls is to keep our position sure, and try to use their newfound responsibilities to mold them into responsible ladies.


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